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Support Information System
at your fingertips, on your desktop!
As a DigaSystem user, you may have taken advantage of our online information databases for Software version information and Parameter descriptions. Perhaps you've even visited our online DigaSystem Forum, where you can find numerous FAQ's as well as interact with other DigaSystem users. These online websites also offer the possibility to search their content.

By using our specially designed search pages you can integrate these search functions directly into your Windows active
desktop! Here we'll show you how.

In order for the search boxes to be able to retrieve results from our databases, your workstation must of course have
online access and an IE browser (preferably at least version 6, set as the default system browser.    

Example Desktop View

We suggest setting up these inquiry forms by directly accessing the address on our servers.

Start by right-clicking your mouse button over your desktop, the dialog shown here appears.

Choose 'Active Desktop' and then 'New Desktop Item...'

This dialog then opens;

Copy and paste the following address(es) in the above dialog (you'll have to repeat the procedure if
you want to set up all three search fields):




After clicking 'OK', this dialog appears;

 You can also click here on 'OK' (there is no password required for accessing this page).

  A small webpage will now appear on your desktop;

You can reposition this element by dragging the grey window header with your right mouse button and
moving it to where you'd like to have it on your desktop.

Now you can resize this desktop element to your needs by dragging on the borders on the bottom, side
or bottom-right corner with your mouse. We suggest something like this, which doesn't take up too much
space on your desktop;

We hope these elements will provide you with all the information you need to keep your DigaSystem
operating as efficiently as possible.

IMPORTANT!: the searches may not function if your default browser is not Internet Explorer!

For Firefox Browser users, we have created some search plug-ins that you can access right within your
browser. The 'Parameter' and 'Release Version' searches as .SRC and corresponding .PNG files are
available as a zip file here.

Of course, you can also contact us with questions: support@davidsystems.com