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Using AAC MP4 audio codecs

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Author Message

Joined: 23 Dec 2005
Posts: 437
Location: Berlin

PostPosted: Thu, 15. Dec 11, 10:53    Post subject: Using AAC MP4 audio codecs Reply with quote

With Release 2011.2 some of the background applications support AAC audio codecs.

This requires to update Audio32.dll and to place some codec files on the local hard disk:

- mc_dec_aac.dll
- mc_dec_aac_ds.ax
- mc_demux_mp4.dll
- mc_demux_mp4_ds.ax
- mc_enc_aac.dll
- mc_mux_mp4.dll

The files must be inside the application path or included in Windows Path variable. The *.ax DirectShow filter files must be registered using RegSvr32.exe

Afterwards applications like DigAlign or DigaPorter can read and write MP4 formats.

DigaPorter and DigaTransfer require to have the current version of Audio32.dll inside the application folder.
DigaPorter must be configured by usage of section strings. The MP4 format is not available from the dropdown lists. The section strings must be entered into the field for advanced options and can look like this:


The full syntax can be taken from the documentation of Audio32.dll which will be delivered together with the DLL.

Please note that this feature requires licenses for the MainConcept codecs. You should contact our sales department first to learn about using these codecs.

Michael Burkhardt
DigaSystem Expert since 2001
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Joined: 22 Dec 2005
Posts: 178
Location: Munich, Germany

PostPosted: Wed, 30. Jan 13, 11:44    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's the excerpt from our 2011.2.0 Release Notes:

New Features:
    The DLL now supports MP4-AAC formats for reading and writing.

    Creation of AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) files, either “raw” or embedded in an MPEG-4 container is supported.

Audio32.dll uses MainConcept DLLs for AAC-encoding and MPEG4-muxing. These have to be installed to activate this feature and are part of the Audio32.dll package.

      Copy audio32.dll into your DigaSystem directory

      Copy required MainConcept MP4 filters mc_dec_aac_ds.ax and mc_demux_mp4_ds.ax into the DigaSystem folder (all files in folder “MPEG4-AAC-Codecs”)

      Register the two files mc_dec_aac_ds.ax and mc_demux_mp4_ds.ax using regsvr32.exe

      Conversion from and to MP4-AAC is supported using DigaPorter, DigAlign, DigaTransferSystem
      (please refer to Audio32-documentation for format string)

      For the use of DigaPorter the new option "Advanced Audio formats" setting must be set in “Converter Audio” section to configure format strings

      Also successfully tested was an audio extraction from MP4-H264 video to broadcast audio (linear, mp2) using the audio32

      Automated transcoding with Database Manager (DBM) – if auto-conversion is configured for a table an MP4-AAC file could be dropped into DBM and auto-conversion converts in the pre-defined format

This works only for MP4-AAC as source format! Creation of MP4 files using D&D operations is currently not supported (requires changes within DBM code)

Known issues:
    Currently conversion is supported with this release.
      Pre-listening of MP4 files within DBM is not yet fully supported and will be available in a separate patch at a future date

    Also support for MP4 within the DigaSystem editors is not fully supported and will be implemented within a separate editor patch at a future date.

Technical Support - DAVID Systems
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