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News & Headlines

 Software patch available

Software patch available
 Posted: Wed, 2. Mar 16, 15:46
Our development team has released a important patch for TurboPlayer 4.x:

• TurboPlayer 4.8.1741.14
• TurboPlayer 4.9.1827.6

The patch fixes a problem within miniDBM that could lead to the application being unresponsive or the application crashing.

We consider this a important patch that should be applied immediately if miniDBM is actively in use. If miniDBM is not actively in use, there is no need to perform an update.

Please contact support to obtain the new patch or for further information.

 FlexIE patch for daylight savings time switch

FlexIE patch for daylight savings time switch
 Posted: Mon, 15. Feb 16, 12:15
We've just released a patch for FlexIE.dll which fixes a problem that could potentially occur during the daylight savings time switch.

If you have experienced issues with a re-import happening at this particular time, please contact our support team to obtain the new version.

 2015.2.0 Release now available!

2015.2.0 Release now available!
 Posted: Thu, 19. Nov 15, 17:04
The 2015.2.0 Release is now available. Excerpt of the included modules:

DigaSystem Base
• DigaSQL 3.8.3402.3, 3.9.3406.0 *
• Management Services +
• Active Directory Sync +
• SAF Monitor +
• Reports +

Content Management
• DBMv4 4.8.7382.21, 4.9.7411.0*
• DigaRTF*
• Content Manager +

Content Distribution
• DigaReplicator
• DigaPorter
• DigaTransfer Services
• DigaTransfer Client

Media Production
• EasyTrack,SingleTrack,MultiTrack Editor v6 6.3.717.27, 6.3.809.3 (with LoudnessTrack)
• Subclip Editor +
• BrowserBridge
• Endpoint Manager Final Cut Pro 7 +

Workflow Framework
• Workflow Admin +
• Workflow Server +
• Video Processor +
• Audio Processor +
• Loudness Processor +

Continued in post below...

 2015.2.0 Release now available! continued

2015.2.0 Release now available! continued
 Posted: Thu, 19. Nov 15, 17:04
.. continued from post above;

Newsroom System
• DigaMOS
• DigaMOS Control Client
• DigaMOS Control Service

Real-time Publishing
• OnAIR TrackMixer
• BCS & BCS Lite
• BUS & BUS Lite 4.9.531.0
• DigAIRange & DigAIRange Lite 4.8.580.5, 4.9.602.0
• TurboPlayer 4.8.1741.12, 4.9.1827.0
• DigaStory
• BCSService
• TIO EmberPlus.dll

Shared Modules
• DPE (web services & apps) +
• Audio32
• Loudness DLL
• MultiRec_2 2.1.336.0 *
• MultiRec_4

* Directly available on our FTP mailbox. For all other components, please contact support.
+ DPE Inside

Please pay special attention to the Release Notes concerning additional release information and the full list of released modules.

 Changes to TestTrack

Changes to TestTrack
 Posted: Tue, 10. Nov 15, 11:36
We have changed the visibility of some fields within our ticketing system. Starting November 13th, you will also be able see the closing and re-opening statements of your tickets in full detail, as well as the list of all other events (minus the internal information) for each of your tickets. This should give you a better overview on your open and closed tickets. Login to TestTrack by clicking TestTrack Login on the left, and check out the changes yourself!
Furthermore, we have adapted the TestTrack workflow to close a minor loophole which prevented automated mails (e.g. upon ticket creation) to reach you.

If you have question, please contact our support team!

 New Environment Testing Underway!

New Environment Testing Underway!
 Posted: Tue, 27. Oct 15, 10:21
Our Software Test Department along with a company-wide collaboration has been examining and testing newer operating system environments including Windows 8, Windows 10 and Server 2012 in a matrix with our current palette of software products. With very few exceptions most of our modules appear to function fine without re-tooling, but we are scheduling more intensive testing before official announcements. We’re also hoping to make this matrix dynamically available so that you can review the current supported technologies here online – live!
Watch this space for more news soon!

 Software patches available

Software patches available
 Posted: Tue, 2. Jun 15, 16:05
Our development team has released new software patches as a result of a recent sprint. The following modules were made available:

• MultiRec_2 2.1.336.0

• CrossfadeMixer

These patches fix a problem which can lead to a sampling rate change of the sound card settings. We strongly suggest updating playout machines to these patch versions.

Please contact Support to obtain the new patches.

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