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Welcome to DAVID Systems Customer Service Portal

News & Headlines

 DBMv4: Patch available for crash caused by search!

DBMv4: Patch available for crash caused by search!
 Posted: Fri, 15. Sep 17, 10:23
It's been discovered that particular search procedures may cause the DBM version 4 from 2017.1.0 Release cycle to crash and this has now been remedied by a patch fix.
Please contact the Support department for this latest patch version!

 DBM Grid Printing in Windows 10

DBM Grid Printing in Windows 10
 Posted: Thu, 20. Jul 17, 08:47
Thanks to our friends at SWR, we've been made aware of an issue (and it's solution!) using DBMv4 under Win10; printing from the grid (after selecting a template) returns an error message, and printing fails!
This is due to Windows 10 default use of Edge for browsing functionality, and so simply changing your default browser to Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox resolves the problem, no error occurs and one can print as before.

At DAVID we're working to find a permanent solution to overcome this annoyance without this mild workaround, and we'll post our progress here!

 Windows Creator Update and MultiPlayerV5 - The Sequel ;)

Windows Creator Update and MultiPlayerV5 - The Sequel  ;)
 Posted: Mon, 3. Jul 17, 13:57
MultiPlayerV5 - our Audio Engine for DAVID's broadcast application TurboPlayer, is now compatible with the most recent Windows 10 update 1703 'Creator' in the version!

Please contact Support for availability.

As mentioned here before;
It may still be advisable to avoid future automatic Windows 10 Updates on productive TurboPlayer machines until compatibility has been confirmed from DAVID Systems!

 2017.1.0 Release now available!

2017.1.0 Release now available!
 Posted: Wed, 24. May 17, 10:48
The 2017.1.0 Release is now available and includes these modules:

Audio32.DLL v2.12.202.0 *
BCS v4.9.277.0 & 5.2.313.0
BUS v5.2.592.0
DBM v4.11.7487.8 & 4.12.7515.0 *
DigAIRange v4.9.603.1 & 5.2.651.0
DigaSQL v3.11 & 3.12 *
DigaStory v1.5.65.0 *
DPE vAdSync
DPE AudioProcessor
DPE BrowserBridge
DPE ContentService
DPE LoudnessProcessor
DPE UtilityProcessor
DPE VideoProcessor
DPE WorkflowServer
DPE WorkflowTemplates
LVC v1.0.38.0 *
MultiCoderV3 v3.0.104.0
MultiRec_3.2 v2_3.2.323.0 *
MultiRec4 v4.2.182.0 *
Multi/Easy/SingleTrack6 v6.6.1122.15 *
OnAirTrackMixer v1.3.346.1
TurboPlayer v4.9.1829.2 & 5.2.2034.0
WebTurboPlayer v1.2.104.0

Please pay special attention to the Release Notes concerning additional release information and the full list of released modules.

* Directly available on our FTP mailbox. For all other components, please contact support.

Concurrently our Product Management and Development teams are offering the opportunity to test our Beta Version of MultiTrackV7!
For more information on obtaining a Beta version, please contact v7beta@davidsystems.com !

 Windows Creator Update and MultiPlayerV5

Windows Creator Update and MultiPlayerV5
 Posted: Wed, 26. Apr 17, 13:29
While the current MultiPlayerV5 is tested and supported with Windows 10 version 1607 (aka The Anniversary Edition), an update to the pending Windows 10 version 1703 (aka Creator) will require a newer version of MultiPlayerV5!

Availability of a compatible MultiPlayerV5 will be announced here!

In the meantime, we suggest delaying an automatic update of your Windows 10.
Please feel free to contact Support if you need further information or prefer an email notification of availability.

UPDATE: a Creator compatible MultiPlayerV5 is now available - see post of July 3rd, 2017!

 DBMv4: known issue; mouse scrolling outside of focus crash

DBMv4: known issue; mouse scrolling outside of focus crash
 Posted: Thu, 23. Mar 17, 11:08
It's been discovered that scrolling with the mouse outside of a focus on Database Manager version 4 can cause the application to freeze up and require restarting. A patched fix version is forthcoming - please contact Support.

 Supported Web Browsers for DPE WebApplications 2016-01

Supported Web Browsers for DPE WebApplications 2016-01
 Posted: Mon, 20. Feb 17, 10:41
Our Product Management Team in cooperation with our Research and Development staff have released information regarding the web browsers that we recommend for use on the client side of DAVID Systems DPE solutions.
Please refer to this PDF in order to choose the appropriate browser when accessing DPE.

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